Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 24, 2023


 Charlie Wild, Private Detective began as a radio series on NBC on September 24, 1950, replacing The Adverntures of Sam Spade after Spade actor Howard Duff and creator Dashiell Hammett were caught up in the Red Scare of the time; Charlie Wild premiered exactly one week after the last Spade show.  Charlie Wild was a tough New York City private eye whose cases usually involved murder and beautiful women.  Wild was originally played by George Petrie until December 17 of that year.  The program then moved to CBS radio from January 7 to July 1, 1951, with Kevin O'Morrison in the lead, followed by John McQuade.

The show hit the CBS television airwaves on December 22, 1950, running for 20 episodes until June 27; for almost all of that time, the television program ran concurrent with the radio show, sometimes recyling the radio scripts.  Kevin O'Morrison and the John McQuade reprised their radio roles.  Charlie Wild then moved to ABC television from September 11, 1951 to March 4, 1952.  It went to its third network, the DuMont Television Netwrok, for its final episodes, ending on June 19, 1952.  The television show ran for a total of 64 episodes -- 20 on CBS, 27, on ABC, and 17 on DuMont.  John  McQuade continued to star as Charlie Wild through the entire ABC and DuMont runs.  Cloris Leachman was featured as Wild's secretary Effie Perrine for 57 episodes.

In "The Case of the Double Trouble," Charlie is tasked with guarding a valuable parchment; as things develop, he may be underpaid for the job.


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