Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, February 8, 2023


The Fat Man was a radio program perhaps created (or perhaps not) by Dashiell Hammett, the author of The Thin Man.  Hammett was credited with the basic concept of the show but the development of the program was the work of producer E. J. Rosenberg.   The Fat Man ran from January 21, 1946 to September 26, 1951 on the ABC Radio Network.  J. Scott Smart starred as the titular, 237-pound detective, who was an anonymous character at first but the acquired the name Brad Runyon.  Ed Begley co-starred as Sergeant O'Hara; featured cast members included Betty Garde, Paul Stewart, and Vicki Vola, with Amzie Strickland playing Runyon's girlfriend, Cathy, and Nell Harrison (in the early episodes) as Runyon's mother.

The Fat Man was directed by Clark Andrews (the creator of Big Town) and by Chalres Powers.  Mystery writer Richard Ellington wrote most of the scripts.  Charles Irving was the original announcer, followed by Gene Kirby and Don Lowe.  Music was prtovided by Bernard Gtreen, who led an eleven-piece orchestra and who wrote the show's theme song, "Fat Man Polka."

We open in Runyon's office when he gets a telephone call from well-known mystery author George Dutton.   Duttton tells Runyon that he had killed a girl the night before and he wants to hire Runyon to prove it.  It turns out that Dutton is calling from the alcoholic ward of a local hospital.  Andrews directed this late-in-the-series episode written by Harold Swanson.  Don Lowe was the announcer.  "The Nighmare Murders" also featured Lyle Sudrow as George Dutton and Gertrude Warner as Joan Cameron.


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