Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, February 10, 2023


As The Hollywood Argyles would have it:  Look at that caveman go!

Alley Oop has been running in the comics pages for over 90 years, beginning on December 5, 1932.  Created by V. T. Hamlin, the character began as a resident of the "Bone Age" kingdom of Moo.  When Hamlin tired of limiting himself and his hero to only a time when dinosaurs and humans co-existed, he introduced Dr. Elbert Wonmug, a 20th century scientist who had invented a time machine.  Soon, Oop was having all sorts of adventures in the historic past -- from ancient Troy to Robin Hood's England and beyond.  Oop even made it to the moon (twice).  Despite this later variety, many of Oops adventures remained in the past in the kingdom of Moo, and that's where the stories in this issue take place.

Just a little bit of background.  Oop's girlfriend is a feisty cavewoman named Oola.  Moo is run by King Guz, who is married to Queen Umpa.  The local witch doctor is the Grand Wizer.  Both Guz and Wizer get easily frustrated with Oop.  Oop's best friend is Foozy.  Dr. Wonmug (who happens to be dead ringer for Wizer) is assisted by the sometimes good/sometimes bad G. Oscar Boom, who is currently hiding out from government officials in Wonmug's lab.  Degga Degga is a witch who can assume the form of a black cat.  I think that covers most of the bases for this issue.

In Alley Oop #2, Wizer has Guz arrest Foozy because he had previously destroyed Wizer's prize hat.  Oop threatens convinces Wizer to drop the charges against his friend -- something that Wizer did not want to do, so he begins planning his revenge on Oop.  Wizer's revenge ends up with Oop buried beneath an avalanche.  Degga Degga (in her cat form, and in the 20th century) knows Oop is in trouble and manages to get Wonmug to send her back in time to Moo, where she rescues Oop.  Now Degga Degga wants to get back to the 20th century because Halloween is coming soon and that's a big holiday for witches -- one that is not celebrated back in the Bone Age.  Oop gets Wonmug to open a time portal for Degga Degga and, in her appreciation, she gives Oop a big kiss.  Oola sees this, gets jealous, and whacks Oop on the back of the head with a frying pan.  Oop gets whacked on the head a lot.

In the next sequence, King Guz is just about at his wit's end with Oop, who is always inadvertently causing trouble.  Guz decides to make Oop his bodyguard, hoping that will keep out of trouble.   Within minutes, Oop manages to knock Guz out twice.  Things are not starting out well, and Oop's bodyguarding just gets worse and worse.  In desperation, Guz agrees to send Oop on a babysitting mission and Guz and Wizer get a big laugh about that.  Oola has been complaining that Oop is getting too fat.  There's some truth in that because Oop has just ripped his bearskin loincloth.  Now a naked Oop must find a new outfit, but a new bearskin loincloth tends to be a bit smelly for the first few days and Oop wants to avoid that.  Meanwhile, Boom has convinced Wonmug to allow him to hide out from authorites in the past.  Boom arrives in Moo and Oop realizes that Boom is wearing pants and Oop really needs pants, so Oop knocks out Boom and steals his pants.

Life was much simpler then.

The issue also has a few gag pages, some of which might actually be funny.



  1. Life was much simpler then. And I have a few older friends that still manage to live that life.

  2. Let's not forget Rocky Stoneaxe!