Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 20, 2023


     Having posted a Tex Ritter western (Sing, Cowboy, Sing) on the blog yesterday, I'd thought I'd continue with the singing cowboy today with what some consider to be his best film -- admitedly not a high bar.  Song of the Gringo has Tex investigating the death of some miners whose mines were then confiscated.  The bad guy is a hombre named Evans (Ted Adams) who wants to marry Lolita Valle(Joan Woodbury) so, with typical bad guy logic, he starts killing off the miners who had been financed by father (Martin Garralaga).  Tex is framed for murder and must stand trial, yet he managed to sing his way to a satifying conclusion.  This was Tex Ritter's first feature; he ws lured from the Grand ol' Opry when the studio decided they needed a singing cowboy.  It was a wise decision.

Also featured in Song of the Gringo are Fuzzy Knight, Monte Blue, Al Jennings, and Tex's horse White Flash.

The film was a remake of the 1930 oater Oklahoma Cyclone.  It was directed by veteran western director John P. McCarthy, who had also directed the original.  The screenplay was by McCarthy, Robert Emmett Tansey, and Al Jennings.  Jose Pacheco and His Continental Orchestra provided the fiesta music in what appears to be their only credited film role.


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