Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


 "Flaxman Low" is the first psychic detective in fiction, appearing at first in a series of stories published in Pearson's Magazine from January 1898 to June 1899.  The stories were written by the mother-son team of Kate Prichard and Hesketh Herketh-Heron writing under the pseudonym "E. and H. Heron."  The stories were collected as Ghosts:  Being the Experiences of Flaxman Low in 1899. 

"The Shining Man" is an adaptation by Ian Martin of the story "The Story of Konnor Old House" (Pearson's Magazine, April 1899).  It first aired on March 15, 1977.

A young couple purchase a hauntd house in Scotland where he is to take a new job.  The man's uncle happened to be Flxman Low, one of the leading scientists of the Victorian Era and an expert in the occult.  Low tries to help the couple solve the mystery of a glowing figure in the windows at night.

Featuring  Ralph Bell, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Kaliban, and Ian Martin.  As usual, E, G. Marshall serves as your host.


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