Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 22, 2021


 Sergeant Bill Battle is the fightenest soldier the Korean War has ever seen...and he knows it!  Battle is tough, brave, and has a high opinion of himself, an oinion that is highly justified.

In this issue, Battle becomes a human bazooka to take down a tank, congratulates the brave Korean spy Rhee San on  delivering Communist plans to Battle's group, and rescues a captured major before the North Koreans can torure vital information from him.  In a standalone story, Signal Corps men trying to establish a vital communication line are being killed by a hidden sniper -- "The Ghost Gunner" -- and it's up to the infantry to figure out how he's doing this.

Battle is a prototype Nick Fury...just a little more bloodthirsty.

Some quotes:

"Die, you Commie Rats!  DIE!"

"The United Nations have got their greatest ally in Bill Battle, and if I'm lyin' I'm dyin' "

"It was nothing, Redmond.  Anyone with the spectacular combination of brains and brawn that I got coulda done it!"

"...It'll be Bill Battle against a whole mess of screaming, howling Reds!  That makes it an equal struggle!  And the day ain't yet come when Bill Battle wasn't superior to his equals!  An' that's the full truth!"


* One-Man is hyphenated on the cover but is not on the copyright notice.  I think Battle is too busy killing Commies to worry about the placement of a hyphen.

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