Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, April 3, 2021


"He was very strong for his size."  The size being six inches.

Scientist Darrell Dane developed a formula that allowed him to shrink (both himself and his superhero costume) at will.  He was the first comic book superhero to have that power.  (Don't worry about all the physics stuff; as a scientist, Darrell has that covered.)

Doll Man was created by Will Eisner for a four-page story in Feature Comics #27 (December 1939).  He continued to appear in Feature Comics for a staggering 113 issues until the title was discontinued in 1950.  His own title, Doll Man Quarterly (47 issues) ran until 1953.  The publisher, Quality Comics, went out of business in 1956 and Doll Man went into comic character limbo for two decades until he was brought back by DC comics.  In 2006 a new Doll Man, Lester Colt, was introduced.  The character was reworked in 2012, this time as Dane Maxwell, the boyfriend of The Phantom Lady.

In Doll Man Quarterly #1, our tiny hero goes against The Phantom Swordsman -- a murderous ghost who steps out of a portrait.  Doll Man then goes against The Vulture, a distorted little man in a flying vulture costume; the villain has fallen in love with Martha Roberts, Darrell Dane's wealthy girlfriend -- big mistake.  In his third outing for this issue, Doll Man tries to save Joe Davis, who has been framed for murder is is now on death row.  Then, a con man wins a dried out oil field and begins to fleece investors.  As Doll Man investigates, murder is done and our tiny hero is framed for the death.  Finally, doll Man goes against The Black Gondolier -- a modern-day murderous pirate -- and his gang.

Also in this issue, the first adventure of Justin Wright, who, as superhero Just 'N' Right, goes after the murderers of his parents.  This also was the last appearance of the character.  He just didn't click.  C'est la vie.

Enjoy this jam-packed issue.

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