Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, April 9, 2021


 Ace O'Hara was a British science fiction newspaper comic strip written  by Conrad Frost and drawn (until his death in 1958) by Basil Blackaller; following Blackaller's death, Tony Speer took over the drawing.

Ace O'Hara will soon be taking the Stella into space, which will be used to ferry up parts of the Plantosphere -- the first human satellite in space.  The Professor has been sending out "bent beams" into space to determine the best orbit for the Plantosphere, but these beams have been mysteriously lost in space.  Belle, the professor's daughter and Ace's girlfriend, is afraid of "gremlins,".which may take control of the Stella once Ace jockeys her into space.

The Professor has also used his beam to discover a new planet behind the sun and possibly "a vast system of planets behind the sun which we have never seen and never will."

Before the flight, there is a bunch of political skullduggery going on and one member of Ace's crew, Kurt, is working for a foreign power.  Belle discovers this and tries to warn Ace but Kurt stops her and ties her down in the Stella.  The ship takes off, begins to circle the sun and comes across the unknown planet Loma, whose inhabitants are an advanced race of aquatic men who hatched from eggs fully-formed and...

Well, see for yourself: 

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