Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 11, 2020


"In every profession there is usually one person whose highly developed skill places him far above his fellow members.  When it comes to private investigators, one such man immediately comes to mind.  A man of enormous talent, his wealth is surpassed only by his courage.  He carries no gun, although his cases bring him in direct contact with armed and desperate criminals.  A man of great generosity, he donates all his fees to worthy, recognized charities.  For shere toughness, brilliance of mind, and a genuine compassion for those in distress, there is none to compare with the incomparable Mr. Risk!"

In this issue Mr. Risk tackles "The Case of the Psychopathic Lady" and "The Case of the Jinxed Airline."  Plus, Kirk Mason, the Tough Dick, must unravel "The Mystery of the Forgetful Chorus Girl" (with pencils by Gene Colon), and and "Poke" Bancroft, Special Investigator for the District Attorney, goes after a vicious racket in "Seeds of Destruction."

Hard-hitting crime stories where the hero always wins.  Hoe can you go wrong?


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