Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Man from Homicide is Lieutenant Lou Dana, a cop who has a "dirty, dangerous job that doesn't end until the killer is found.  I don't like killers."  The show ran on ABC Radio in 1951 for at least 14, and possibly 18 episodes, starring both Dan Duryea and Charles McGraw at different times. 

From  "Man from Homicide brought audiences gritty stories, seedy criminals, sordid crimes and an outline of police procedure infused with drama.  Lt. Dana is a cynical yet determined detective who has seen it all, and uses that experience to outwit less seasoned criminals and bring them to justice."

Planned as a summer replacement show, Man from Homicide was not picked up for additional episodes.  Why is a mystery to me; the show had all the ingredients for further success.

"The Winthrop Case" has Dana (Charles McGraw) investigating murder at a shady love nest.  this was evidently an audition tape that evidently aired as the premier episode during the program's regular run as "The Spoiler," It was recorded on September 16, 1950.  By the second episode McGraw had been replaced by Duryea.

Only three episodes survive.  Enjoy this one. 

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