Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Today Jack turned eight.

Our grandson has been an important part of our family since he was six weeks old, when Christina and Walt began fostering him.  A few years later -- after many legal complications and much patience -- he was adopted into the family who loved him.

Jack is a character.  Outgoing, personable, witty, and (sometimes) wise beyond his years, he ia apt to come up with questions and statements that no eight-year-old should.  Energetic, he put the "act" in "active," running, jumping, tumbling, dancing...

He is super-cool and often dresses like a dude.

His smile could kill.

He likes Legends of Tomorrow, The Transformers, and movies about dogs.

When he is in the mood or is very, very tired, he gives the best cuddles.

He loves his parents because they are the best.  He loves his brother and looks forward to running with him.  He loves his sister because he can frustrate her.  Yes, Jack can be frustrating, but what eight-year-old isn't?

Life without Jack can be boring.  We are lucky because our life is not boring -- certainly not for the last eight years.

Jack has added so much to our lives.  We can only try to add as much to his.

As this amazing young man continues to grow and mature, we look forward to being there with him and for him.

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  1. It has been a pleasure to watch Jack grow. We're grateful to your family for giving us the opportunity! Tell him we send Happy Birthday greetings!!