Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 19, 2020


It's 1938 England and working class girl and free spirit Cluny Brown has a hard time following the social rules.  She meets a Czech refugee who finds her refreshing.  She is fascinated by plumbing and pipes.  Her uncle decides the best place for her is in domestic service.  All of these cause hi-jinks and chaos in this romcom based on the Margery sharp novel.

Ernst Lubitsch (Ninotchka, Heaven Can Wait, To Be or Not To Be) produced and directed this as a film in 1946 -- his last film.  Charles Boyer played the Czech refugee, Adam Belinski, and Jennifer Jones played the title character in the film.  For this radio version Boyer reprised his role while Olivia de Havilland played Cluny Brown.

Sadly, the sound on this recording is a little muddled.  For comparison, here's the original film:

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