Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Here's another romance comic book for your edification.  Please be aware that teens in the sixties evidently had little to confess, despite what I remember about being a teenager then. 

High school senior Ted gets a new car and, like a cursed satanic object, it changes him.  Girlfriend Judie is upset.  Ted starts hanging out with the "wrong" crowd.  Worse, Ted even ignores his studies!  (Gasp!)  Soon Judy has had enough.  Can Judie pull Ted back from the brink of having fun?

Paula returns from the junior prom with her boyfriend Tommy.  Her world is just perfect.  She loves Tommy and is thinking of marrying him eventually.  Her father is doing well and they have moved into an expensive new home and belong to the local country club.  The IRS investigates the company where Paula's father is treasurer and suspicion falls on him.  Tommy -- that dastard! -- believes the rumors and begins to shun Paula.  Of course Paula's father is innocent and Frank, the boy who works part-time at the company, proves it.  Frank is a much better catch than tommy.

Lois and Danny had been going together for two years and Lois believed she loved him.  That's why she let him kiss her!  (And, no, "kiss" is not a euphemism for something else; teenage comic book high school girls did not think that way in 1960!)  enter the new high school drama teacher Ralph Tucker -- a dream boat of the first order.  Lois goes instantly ga-ga over him.  Sigh.  Now there's a strain on her relationship with Danny.  Lois throws herself at Mr. Tucker only to be rebuffed and to find that he has a fiance.  Tough luck, Lois!  It's back to Danny.

Buzz and Anne had been dating a short time when he up and joined the Army.  He made her promise to wait for him until he returned, presumably with a ring.  Anne promised but, in her heart, was not quite sure how she felt about him.  Still, Anne held to her promise, even going to the senior prom solo.  After basic training Buzz was immediately shipped to Germany.  That summer, Anne meets Carl and their friendship began to blossom, yet Anne  feels guilty about Buzz.  Turns out that Buzz is a dirty dog who has been dating every girl he met since joining the Army and doesn't give a rat's patoot about Anne.  So Anne kisses Carl and her mother bakes a cake and we know that all will be well.

All in all, these are pretty mild and pretty sappy teen confessions.  If you expected confessions like "My Acne Ruined My Life!," "I Refused To Duck and Cover!," "I Think My Bio Teacher Showed Up Drunk!," or "I Told Them That Zip Gun They Found in My Locker Was Not Mine -- But They Wouldn't Believe Me!" you are in for a big disappointment.

Disappointment or not, check it out:

P.S.:  Why put ads on a comic book cover.  I mean, who does that?

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