Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, November 14, 2019


Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche star in this version of Magnificent Obsession, a 1929 Lloyd C. Douglas best-selling novel that was filmed in 1935 with Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor (in a role that brought him to stardom).  Lux Radio Theatre had previously aired a version of this story on April 26, 1937 that featured Dunne and Taylor in their original roles.  I chose the Colbert/Ameche version  to link to here simply because it aired almost 75 years ago on November 13, 1944.

Spoiled rich guy Ameche is saved through the use of specialized hospital equipment which meant that the equipemnt could not be used for kind, philanthropic surgeon Dr. Hudson at the same time.  Hudson died and his widow (Colbert) blames Ameche.  Ameche realizes that he had been a cad all his life and that Dr. Hudson should have lived instead of him.  When Colbert is blinded in an accident, Ameche watches over her without revealing who he is, eventually paying for the failed operation that attempted to restore her sight.  Ameche reveals himself and proposes to the still blind Colbert.  Colbert refuses, not wanting to be a burden to him.  Ameche then goes on to be a brain surgeon.  When Colbert needs brain surgery, guess who's there?

A lifetime supply of Kleenex and all the violins in the world are needed for this tear-jerker.

You have been warned.

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