Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 14, 2019


A thief steals the "All Seeing Eye" -- a fabulous diamond from the idol in the Temple of Ashmara in Northern India.  Gantz Ali, the high priest of the temple, chases the thief but loses him when he boards a ship bound for England; Ali pursues him in the next England-bound ship and manages to find him on the Falmouth docks.  Before Gantz Ali could avenge the All Seeing Eye the thief boards a coach.  Following the stage on foot (!), the high priest watches as a highwayman stops the coach.  The thief is killed and the highwayman -- Flash Ned -- is surprised to find the large diamond on the thief's body.  Flash Ned rides off and delivers the gem to his employer, the "hanging judge" Jeremy.

Enter Dick Turpin, that gallant knight of the road, who robs Judge Jeremy and gains possession of the All Seeing Eye.  But Dick is followed by Ganz Ali, who attempts to get the diamond back.  Dick hears Gantz Ali's tale and, believing him, returns the stone to the high priest.

But Judge Jeremy captures Dick's friend Tom King, holding him ransom for the diamond...

The real Dick Turpin (1705-1739) was a poacher, burglar, highwayman, and killer.  His life became highly romanticized after he was hung as a horse thief, most famously by William Harrison Ainsworth in his 1834 novel Rookwood.  The myth of Dick Turpin has been recounted in numerous books and on stage, film, and television. 

Thriller Comics Library published a number of Dick Turbin adventures in its 450 issues, as well as adventures of Turpin's mythic counterpart Robin Hood.


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