Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Screen Directors Playhouse was a sometimes half hour/sometimes full hour program on NBC Radio that adapted motion pictures for that medium, usually featuring the actors who starred in the films and occasionally with the particiaption of the films' original director -- if only to introduce the episode.  The program ran from January 1949 through to September 1951 -- 122 shows.  The program was variously titled NBC Theater, Screen Directors Guild Assignment, and Screen Directors Assignment before landing the eventual title in July 1949.  (Note the lack of the posessive apostrophe in the various titles.  I don't know why.)

(The show moved over to the small screen for the 1955-6 season (35 episodes) on NBC and then for 7 episodes on ABC over the summer of 1956.  Rather than focusing on adapting movies, the TV version used original teleplays and adapted short stories,)

Dorothy Macardle was an Irish novelist, playwright, and popular historian.  She was also a fierce nationalist who served serveral jail terms for her beliefs.  Her later work as a journalist for the League of Nations gave her a greater sense of social justice which led to her disagreement with the Republic of Ireland on its neutrality during World War II and the reduced rights of women under the Irish Constitution, among other things.  She published three novels.  The first, 1941's Uneasy Freehold, was a supernatural tale of a brother and sister who purchase a home in Cornwall and encounter the paranormal.  It was adapted by Paramount as The Uninvited (the title of the book's American edition) in 1944, directed by Lewis Allen from a script by Frank Partos and Dodie Smith and starred Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp. Cornelia Otis Skinner, and Gail Russell.  Ray Milland reprised his film role with a cast of radio actors, including John Dehner, June Foray, Alma Laughton, and Maru Shipp.  Lewis Allen directed and Milton Geiger wrote the radio adaptation.


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