Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Boris Karloff's Thiller was a suspense/horror/mystery anthology series that ran from 1960 to 1962 and borrowed from works by such authors as Robert Bloch, August Derleth, and Margaret Miller.

"Knock Three-One-Two" was the show's twelfth episode, airing on December 13, 1960.   It asks the question:  What do you do when gamblers demand the money you owe them and your wife will not give you the needed cash?  Of course the answer is to seek out a man you believe to be a serial killer to do said wife in.  Sadly, in Ray Kenton's case, the man is not what Ray thinks he is, but there is a real killer out there...waiting.

Based on a Fredric Brown novel, "Knock Three-One-Two" was directed by veteran television director Herman Hoffman (The Asphalt Jungle, Laramie, Room 222) from an adaptation by John Kneubuhl (Wagon Train, The Fugitive, The Wild Wild West).

Ray Kenton was played by Joe Maross, who had a solid thirty-five year career in television, most notably as a regular on the fifth season of Peyton Place.  Beverly Garland (Decoy, My Three Sons, Mry Hartman, Mary Hartman) appeared as Ruth Kenton.  Also in the cast are Charles Aidman and Warren Oates.

Brown's novel was later adapted by Jen-Pierre Mocky for the film L'Ibis Rouge (The Red Ibis) (1975).


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