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Saturday, January 5, 2019


As far as Golden Age comic book heroes go, Dagar is definitely minor league.  He is evidently of European extraction and living in an exotic desert land as a wealthy "arab."  Dagar is a good guy, an adventurer who wears typical Bedouin garb and has no superpowers.   He has been referred to as the "Tarzan of the desert," a comparison that does not really work.  His love interest was the beautiful Ayesha.  Both Dagar and Ayesha had short-lived comic careers.

Dagar was drawn  by Edmond Good, an artist who has scattered credits in the field.  It not known who created Dagar or wrote the scripts, although some feel it was Good.

Dagar first appeared in Fox Features' All Great Comics #13 (dated December 1947).  In the following issue, #14, the comic book changed its title to Dagar, Desert Hawk.  (Confusedly, an issue #14 of All Great Comics was dated October 1947 -- two months before issue #13.)  In February 1948, the retitled Dagar, Desert Hawk appeared.  This incarnation lasted until April 1949 with issue #23 -- a total of eight bimonthly issues, after which Dagar was gone from both the title and the contents as the book was re-titled as Captain Kidd.  Dagar did have one more adventure in All Top Comics #18 (July 1949); this was the final issue of All Top comics and appeared to be a dumping ground for unused stories in previously cancelled comic books.

(Those who are mathematically oriented have already cleaned that Fox Features did not count numbering their titles as their long suit.)

In the issue linked below, Dagar almost loses Ayesha from "The Curse of the Lost Pharoah!" and then faces off with the evil siren Sheva in "Vortex of Death!"  Also included are two jungle adventures, one featuring Safari Cary and the other featuring the jungle queen Tangi.  All stories feature large bosomed women, daring cleavages, skimpy (and in one panel, no) outfits, along with two-fisted action and danger.  I have to assume that readers of this title were fairly hormonal.

Enjoy. whether you are hormonal or not.

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