Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, December 8, 2018


There's plenty of flying action, Good girl Art, and nasty Germans and Japanese in this fast-moving issue of Wings Comics from Fiction House.

We open with an adventure of Captain Wings by Major T. E. Bowen.  (Several of the tales in this issue are signed with a military rank included, something typical of many of the pulp magazines of the time.)  Wings is recuperating from having "his mangled legs crushed in Colonel Kamakazi's inhuman torture chamber" and hoping to get a medical okay to get back to duty.  As Wings is flown into a military rehab center, a beautiful blonde (showing plenty of leg, cleavage and midriff) grabs a rifle and runs off, attempting to shoot another newly-arrived patient, Colonel Sir Reginald Grayson (complete with uniform, kilt, and sporran), but is stopped before she could do harm.  Her name is Olivia, an amnesia patient who reacted violently to Sir Reginald..  What gives?  Well, Grayson is a secret Fascist and Olivia knows something...which does not prevent Olivia from running around for much of the tale in her underwear.  And there's something about a Nazi attempt to bomb Russians (who at that point were our friends) and Wings and Olivia have to spring into action.

Red-headed Jane Martin is guarding a top secret jet.  Of course there are Nazis,  And of course Jane wins out.

Greasemonkey Griffin is strutting done the street in his new suit when he is mistaken for a pilot by Nazi spies trying to flee the FBI.  A perfect plan...if only Greasemonkey Griffin knew how to fly.

Japanese and German spies plot to us a stolen atomic bomb on American troops but neglect to account for The Phantom Falcon, a Navy ace long thought dead.

Suicide Smith is tapped to fly a plane with a cargo of diamonds.  This should be a milk run but two other planes with the same cargo have vanished.  The zaftig daughter of the plane's owner has stolen aboard to spend some time with suicide and the two (plus plane, plus diamonds) are pulled out the sky by a giant zeppelin.  Can they escape and foil the evil man behind the diamond thefts?

Finally, there's a little spooky tale about a Ghost Squadron.  A downed pilot is saved from Nazis by the spirit of a sunken ship.

There's a lot to like in this issue.


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