Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, December 13, 2018


The Adventures of Superman rode the radio airwaves from February 12, 1940 to March 1, 1951 for a total of 2088 episodes.  It began on New York City's WOR station and was first syndicated to only eleven stations, airing three times a week with fifteen-minute episodes.  As it gained popularity (and radio stations) the show moved to the Mutual Radio Network on August 31, 1942 and continued its thrice-weekly (sometimes five times a week), fifteen-minute format until February 7, 1949, when it began airing half-hour episodes three times a week until June 24 of that year.  On October 29, the shop moved to ABC Radio for a once a week airing, then expanded to two times a week From June 5, 1950 to the show's close.

The radio show was created by David Ducovny, a DC comics press agent, and pulp writer Robert Maxwell.  Frank chase produced the early episodes, which were written by George Ludlam.

The identity of the actor playing Superman was not announced until 1946. when it was revealed that Bud Collyer played the Kryptonian superhero (and his Clark Kent alter ego).

Linked below is episode 7, "Yellow Mask Steals Fuel for Atomic Beam," narrated by George Lowther.  Rolly Bester (wife of SF author Alfred Bester) plays Lois Lane, Julian Noa is Perry White (a character created for the radio show -- bet you never knew that!  And he was originally going to named "Paris White" -- another bet you didn't know that!).  (Jimmy Olsen [another character created for the radio show], played by Jack "Jackie" Kelk, did not make his debut until April 15 episode.)  Julian Noa also plays the evil Yellow Mask, who wants to used the atomic beam to destroy the Daily Planet building.


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