Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, December 6, 2018


From May 28, 1947's The Crime Club comes "Murder Makes a Mummy." 

Mutual Broadcasting's The Crime Club was radio's second incarnation of a weekly radio series based on books published by Doubleday's Crime Club imprint.  The series ran for 47 episodes, from December 2, 1946 to October 16, 1947.  A brief scouring of the internet did not turn up the source novel for this episode which involves a recent corpse wrapped as a mummy and displayed at a museum event.

"Murder Makes a Mummy was produced and directed by Jock MacGregopr for Roger Bower (who directed most of the episodes) from a script by Stedman Coles.  Featured players were Lawson Zerbe, Jane Harvin, Al Hodge, Lon Clarke, and Ted Osborne.  Your host, known only as "The Librarian," was most likely Raymond Edward Johnson, who also served as host for radio's Inner Sanctum.


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