Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Most likely airing on November 23, 1955 (rather than November 30 as stated at the link), Nelson S. Bond's "the Vital Factor" was adapted by Howard Rodman for NBC Radio's X Minus One science fiction anthology show. Bond's story first appeared in the August 1951 issue of Esquire and was included in Bond's 1954 collection No Time Like the Future.

"The Vital Factor" is the story of Wayne Crowder, a ruthless "millionaire who wants to launch the first space ship.  He is stymied when no one can develop a power plant capable of propelling the craft beyond the earth's atmosphere, until an odd little man proposes the 'anti-gravity principle' and and joins the financier for the surprised filled flight."  Raymond Edward Johnson, Joe DeSantis, Luis van Rooten, and John McGovern star.

If you like hearing a boss from hell get his comeuppance, this program's for you.


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