Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Edmund Lowe played newspaper columnist David Chase in the short-lived Dumont Network television series Front Page Detective.  Although the show ran from July 6, 1951 to November 1953, it was off the air for a full year during that time, producing only 46 episodes.  The show took its name from the popular true-crime magazine of the day and its stories were based on articles in that magazine.

David Chase aided police in solving particularly difficult mysteries, such as that in "Murder Rides the Night Train," (linked below) in which a racketeer's (Lyle Talbot) enemies try to stop his train to Washington to testify before a Congressional committee -- permanently.  Also appearing in the cast were John Sebastian, John Harmon, Pamela Blake (billed as Pam Maguire), 2' 11" Angelo Rossitto, and Pat Gleason.  Arnold Wester, who helmed more than half the episodes of Front Page Detective, directed "Murder Rides the Night Train" from a script by Herbert Moulton and pulp legend Robert Leslie Bellem.

From June 15, 1951, enjoy this episode of Front Page Detective.


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