Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, April 26, 2018


She was known as "The Mother of the Blues."  Gertrude Pridgett was born on this day in either 1882 or 1886 and began  performing as Ma Rainey after her 1904 marriage to Will Rainey and the couple formed the Alabama Fun Makers Company before joining with the Rabbit Foot Minstrels in 1906.   the two were billed as "Black Face Song and Dance Comedians, Jubilee Singers [and] Cake Walkers."  A few years later, Ma Rainey was billed as "Mrs. Gertrude Rainey, our coon shouter."  These were not nice times to be black.

She began recording in 1923 and eventually recorded 94 titles between then and 1928, and soon her popularity reached beyond the South.  She retired in 1935 and died four years later of a heart attack.  She has been inducted into The Blues Foundation's Hall of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Grammy Hall of Fame.  Her song "See See Rider Blues" has been added to the National Recording Registry.  In 1994 a postage stamp was issued commemorating her.

"Deep Moaning Blues"

"Trust No Man"

"Booze and Blues"

"See See Rider Blues"

"'Ma' Rainey's Black Bottom"

"Daddy Goodbye Blues"

"Bo-Weavil Blues"

"Jelly Bean Blues"

"Moonshine Blues"

"Louisiana Hoo Doo blues"

"Shave 'Em Dry Blues"


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