Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, July 10, 2017


A very slow week with no new books added to our cramped house.  That makes my wife happy, but for me?  Well...

Anyway, I thought you needed something to get your Monday going, so here's a mad-lib.

I took the second paragraph from Percival Pollard's Lingo Dan, a 1903 mystery that happens to be #32 in the Queen's Quorum of the 125 most important detective crime short story books published between 1854 and 1967, and dropped out the main words to allow you to exercise your creative juices.

Have fun!

"__[Interjection]  ," said the   [adjective]     [noun]   of the   [number]     [noun]   to   [verb]   and   [verb]   the   [noun]   off his   [adjective]     [noun  , "that was a   [adjective]     [noun]   of   [noun]  .    [Pronoun]     [verb]   in a   [adjective]     [noun]  , with the   [noun]    of   [verb]   such   uncommon     [noun]   as   pronoun  , and this -- this   [verb]   the   [noun]     [pronoun]     [verb]  !    [Person's name]   , this   [verb]   a   [noun]  !"    [Pronoun]     [verb]   off   [possessive]     [noun]   and   [verb]   --[adjective]     [adjective]   and   [adjective]     [noun]   through   [possessive]     [hyphenated adjective]     [noun]  .