Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Wehman Bros. Song and Joke Book No. 3 (most likely published in 1901 or 1902) was one of many similar booklets published around that time that had a particularly racist bent, "jocularly" promulgating stereotypical views of blacks, Jews, Irish, Germans, and women.  I've listed some of non-offensive jokes below.

  • A man fell in a barrel of whiskey but dies in good spirits.
  • Most things go to the buyer but the coal goes to the cellar.
  • Every time I get on a ferry-boat it makes me cross.
  • "I hear your brother died and left a lot of money."  "Yes.  a policeman shot him before he got out of the bank with it."
  • Speaking of playing poker, the other day I went down cellar and saw a cat and two mice.  In half a minute everything was in the kitty.
  • "Do you think the elevator boy stole your watch?"  "He swore up and down that he didn't."
  • I was walking down Fourteenth st. the other day and picked up a nickel.  I went a block further and found a saloon.
  • "If you are in doubt about kissing a girl what do you do?"  "Give her the benefit of the doubt."
  • I saw a pretty girl on the lawn with her stockings on wrong side out, so I turned the hose on her.

Need I mention that sometimes I don't miss the "good old days"?


  1. Good ones, Jerry. These jokes remind me of those told by Brian Johnston, British writer, television presenter and cricket commentator. I recommend his book "Now Here's A Funny Thing."

  2. So, a priest, a cowboy and a Madam walk into a bar...