Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 1, 2017


This issue of Master Comics certainly gave you your ten cents worth with its "BIG 52 PAGES."

To begin with, we have an adventure of Captain Marvel Jr., aka Freddy Freeman, in "The Anonymous Crook!"  Rosebud Acres is a community entirely inhabited by reformed criminals...until it isn't.  One resident decides to return to his unlawful ways and it's up to Captain Marvel Jr. to  stop him.

In "The Ivory Tusk Murders," Nyoka the Jungle Girl not only is involved in a double murder but has been cast in the role of murderess.

Jim Barr and Susan Kent use Jim's gravity helmets to become the flying fighters of crime -- Bulletman and Bulletgirl.  In "The Vanishing Bombs" the flying Detective and Bulletgirl must discover who stole a truckload of bombs.  Luckily, their helmets also protect them from bullets.

Cowboy hero Tom Mix discovers that death can come at the end of a pickax in "Golden Treachery."

Filling out the issue are a number of comic fillers with Dizzy Daisy, Trader Tom, Spud and Bud. Zuzu the Zoo Keeper, and colonel Corn and Korny Cobb.  Also Sam Spade uses a bottle of Wildroot Cream Oil to close a case in an ad for the hair tonic, and, in another ad, Popsicle Pete visits the Air Control Tower.


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