Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Sexton Blake, "the poor man's Sherlock Holmes," is one of the world's most popular detectives, appearing in over 4000 stories written by some 200 authors from 1893 to 1978.  In 1915, after many years of appearing in British magazines, Blake got his own book series, The Sexton Blake Library, which appeared in four "series " ending in 1964.  Each series published two to four novels a month.  A fifth series of irregularly produced paperbacks began in 1965.  Among those who wrote for the series was Jack Trevor Story (a prolific author who's The Trouble with Harry was adapted for the 1955 Hitchcock film), Michael Moorcock (who based his sword and sorcery hero Elric in part on one of Blake's villains, and the amazing John Creasey (who produced over 600 novels under 28 pseudonyms). 

Creasey's contribution consisted of five novels published from 1937-1943:

  • The Case of the Murdered Financier (1937)
  • The Great Air Swindle (1939)
  • The Man from Fleet Street (1940)
  • The Case of the Mad Inventor (1942)
  • Private Carter's Crime (1943)

Comic Book Plus, that amazing web site, has made available 142 entries in The Sexton Blake Library, from 1927 to 1958, with more sure to come.  Among those is Creasey's The Case of the Mad Inventor, the seventeenth book in series three.

Enjoy this bit of pulp  ("A full-length novel of baffling mystery and ingenious crime investigation") from the creator of George Gideon, Roger West, The Toff, The Baron, Dr. Palfrey, Department Z, Mark Kilby, Dr. Cellini, Parick Dawlish, and many other popular charcters.

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