Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, September 12, 2016


No new books this week, thank you very much.

However, on my Incoming post several weeks ago I forgot to include Popcorn, the demon kitten.

My daughter Christina was at a Farmer's Market, selling homemade soap (Cove Lake Soapworks...good stuff...available on a bunch, you won't be sorry) and this guy was walking by trying to give away a kitten.  He had found three abandoned in the woods -- 2 males and a female -- and took them home. got them to a vet, cleaned up, defleaed, and given clean bills of health.  He wanted to keep them for himself but his dogs had other ideas.  By the time he got to Christina, he had already given away the two males.  Now Christina is the most common sense person in the world but, when it comes to animals, she has a weak spot.  She and Walt already had three cats (as well as three dogs, a Burmese python, a bearded dragon, a turtle, and a tegu) and really couldn'y take another animal.  But Christina has a sister who is catless.  Jessie's girls each have a cat but she does not have one of her very own; she does have two pugs and a snake but, hey, none are a cat.  So Christina took the cat for Jessie and informed her about it after the fact.  Jessie and Ceili and Amy are living with us (along with their two dogs and two -- now three -- cats) while they are getting their new house in shape.  (Yes, they have a house now, bought last Thursday, and in need of a bunch of clean-up, some repairs, and new appliances.  They're very happy; the new home is close to everything, including the girls' college.)  The kitten has been named Popcorn and she and everyone else will be here for the next month or two.

Popcorn is a sweet little ball of gray fluff with Wolverine-type razor claws.  She likes to cuddle and attack toes.  She tries very hard not to be a VBK.  And she has half a tail.  Don't know what happened to the other half, but it surely isn't attached to the cat.  (By half tail, I don't mean a cropped tail such as is found in a Manx cat; I mean half a normal cat tail.)  Popcorn likes to purr.  I'm a sucker for that.