Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A-1 COMICS #13 (GUNS OF FACT AND FICTION) (JUNE 1948) 'em or hate 'em, they are part of the American culture.  They are as American as the old saw, "Cime Never Pays."  A-1 Comics combined both of these in a comic with the promise of  "The West thunder[ing] with the roar of GUNS of Fact and Fiction."  The fact portion is heavily peppered with fiction but that didn't bother the kids of 1948.

Stories include:

  • "Flame of the Frontier," featurng the greatest Western marshal and lawmen of 'em all -- Bat Masterton!  Here Bat takes on Dodge City years before he becomes a noted New Yok sportswriter and journalist.
  • "Gunman!"  Out of the garbage-littered alleys of Chicago came a little man whose hatred of humanity was second only to -- his terrible fear of CATS!  The story of Joe Strange, GUNMAN!
  • "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre,"  in which Chicago mobsters speak Brooklyn-ese English.
  • "Guns West and Nuggets" are partners in the old West.  "Guns" West is blond and handsome; Nuggets is a grizzled old man who's as tough as they come.  In this story Guns becomes marshal of Abilene as he and Nuggets tackle a gang of rustlers.
  • "Jail-Fear!" is the story of Pretty Boy Floyd.  Things don't end well for him.

The bullets are flying on almost every p[age of this issue.  Gun violence never had it so good.