Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 30, 2016


The original Brothers Four (Bob Flick, Bob Paine, Mike Kirkland, and Dick Foley were fraternity brothers at the University of Washington.  Their second single, "Greenfields," rose to #2 on the U. S. charts in 1960; their first album settled in at #11.  Over the next six years, the group had six singles to break the top 100.  The British Invasion of the mid- to late-Sixties put an end to such successes, but The Brothers continued performing and, with line-up changes, continue today.  A live album is due out this year.

Current members include Flick, Mike McCoy, Mark Pearson, and Karl Olsen.  Other past members of the group were Bob Haworth, Tom Cow, and Terry Lauber,   No matter what it's makeup, The Brothers Four have been one of the most influential acoustic folk groups of the past fifty-five-plus years.



Try To Remember:

Five Hundred Miles:

Seven Daffodils:

Four Strong Winds:

And I Love You:

Lemon Tree:

Scarlet Ribbons:

Frog Went a-Courtin':

Jamaica Farewell:

El Paso:


Where Have All the Flowers Gone:

Blue Water Line:

Admit it.  You're going to be humming some of these songs all day now, aren't you?

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  1. The first song parody I concocted as a child was of "Greenfields"...nostalgia...