Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Another trip down memory lane with the cowboy heroes of yesterday.

In "Fury's Revenge," prairie ranger Tex Ritter's dog Fury becomes part of a plot to steal some aluable gems.  This story has a teachble moment:  You don't mess with a cowboy's dog!

When Gabby Hayes rescues a calf and raises it as a pet, everybody around him has to put up with "A Lot of Bull."  The calf, Sweetie Pie, grows up to be a strong, rambunctous bull who eventually is "bullnapped" for the Mexican bull rings.  Can Gabby save his Sweetie Pie from the matador?

Tom Mix leads a wagon train through wild Indian territory in "The Valley of Annihilation."  One of the settlers makes a blunder and sets an entire war party against the train.  With the wagon train helplessly outnumbered, Tom Mix must ride through Indian lines to get help as the wagon train faces a massacre.

The town of Lost Gap was on the rebound when a new vein of gold was discovered the year before in a played-out mine.  Now a sharp-shooting outlaw has been stealing the gold shipments.  Calling himself the Owl, the outlaw seems to be able to see in the dark as well as the night hunter whose name he took, and with equally deadly effect.  (Of course, he wears an owl mask to hide his identity, making him a genuine owlhoot, I guess.)  But one cowboy doesn't give a hoot (sorry) about the danger as "Monte Hale Battles the Owl."  This story also involves some smart detective work.  It would have been more apt if the western hero in this story had been Hoot Gibson.

This issue also includes some one-page fillers meant to be humorous.  They aren't.

For me, the brightest part of this issue was the Gabby Hayes story, even though the unnamed artist drew the young Sweetie Pie to look like a large, strangely-eared dog.

Check it out to see which story will be your favorite.

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