Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 18, 2016


In the field of funny anthromorphic rodents,  Atomic Mouse ranks far below the three Ms -- Mickey, Minnie, and  Mighty.  Indeed, he probably also ranks behind Chip and Dale, but Atomic Mouse was popular enough to be featured in his own comic book for eleven years, a total of 54 issues.  Created in 1953 by Al Fago, the titular superhero was an ordinary mouse until he was given a  dose of U-235 by a mad scientist.  Now endowed with superpowers, Atomic Mouse regularly saves Mouseville from the evil Count Gatto.

Al Fago (1904-1978?) was the managing editor at Charleton Comics and later moved on to begin St. John Comics.  Fago also created Atomic Rabbit, Atom the Cat, and Timmy the Timid Ghost.  His brother Vincent was also a comic artist who began working at the Fleischer studios and worked at Timely Comics during World War II; Vincent later drew the Peter Rabbit newspaper strip for 14 years.  While at Timely, Vincent was part of the team that drew Mighty Mouse, on whom his brother All later based Atomic Mouse.


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