Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Join Jack, Doc, and Reggie as they encounter one of their most mysterious cases.  As if an ancient temple in the Central American jungle wasn't enough, there had to be floating vampires and a seven-year-old stowaway!

I Love a Mystery was created by Carleton E. Morse, who had already had an outstanding success with One Man's Family.  ILAM began as a fifteen-minute afternoon serial on NBC West Coast on January 16, 1939.  By October it had graduated to the full NBC Network and the following year grew to a half-hour format.  The show later appeared on the CBS and the Mutual Networks.  Most episodes have not survived.

Temple of Vampires was a twenty-episode adventure that first ran from January 22 through February 16, 1940.  It was rebroadcasted (with a different cast) in August 1944.  The link below is mainly from the 1944 version.  Russell Thornson plays Jack Packard, Jim Boles plays, Doc Long, and Tony Randall, plays Reggie York; they are backed up by Mercedes McCambridge as Sunny Richards and Sara Bussell as Hermie, the young stowaway.  (Episodes 8 to 15 of this serial have been recreated by KALW's Old Radio Show in 1989 with Frank Knight, Pat Franklin, Nicky Emmanuel, and Rosemary Lever.)


Here are the first ten episodes.

And the last ten.


  1. I used to have this on cassette, but one episode (I believe) was missing. I love this whole series.

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