Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 25, 2016


Our grandson Mark turns 16 today.

Mark is a handsome boy and, although he won't admit it (or -- perhaps -- even know it) girls go all a-twitter over this shy young man.

He's into running and has competed in a number of long distance races, including several half marathons, and has done well in all.  He's also heavily into soccer and, while in Maryland, refereed a number of youth games.

He's not anywhere near as much into driving.  He has his learner's permit and his mother is patiently teaching him how to drive.  He has actually **gasp!** driven in traffic.  (He's driven to our house once and last night drove to the YMCA one town over.)

Lying underneath his quiet demeanor is a sense of humor that can knock you out.  He's a sharp observer of everything.  He's well-liked and he blushes easily.

Frlom the day he was born, mark has brought joy into our lives.  We could not be prouder of him nor love him more.

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