Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 4, 2016


They did it again!  Someone snuck a holiday smack-dab into this past week. The weather, we've been told, has been unusually cold and rainy for the Florida Panhandle.  These, as well as very welcome company over the holidays, led to an absolute dearth of new books this past week.

All was not lost, however.  My daughter and her girls gave us some sort of gizmo that allows to watch Netflix, Hulu, and several other services.  (An absolute blessing since the cable companies in our area (and we have a bunch to choose from) are all minor ones and seem to be equally piss-poor. I never thought I'd miss dear old Comcast with its rapacious attitude and its lack of decent customer service.  I'm a grump and a curmudgeon, so sue me.)

Anyway, we know have this gizmo (I'm sure that's the technical term for the thingy) and that puts us in binge-watching heaven.  And what have we binge-watched?

Longmire.  The very next best thing to Craig Johnson's superb novels.

Jack Taylor.  A series of six British television movies (2010-2013) based on the novels by Ken Bruen.  These gritty shows capture just some of Bruen's magnificent prose and are somewhat faithful to the books.  Iain Glen (probably best-known as Ser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones) does a great job as Jack Taylor.  The Jack of the television series is not quite as hapless as the one of the books, but this series is still a pure delight.

Dr. Who.  We're catching up on the Capaldi years.

Madame Secretary.  Our latest guilty pleasure.

I feel 2016 will become our year of binge-watching.  All suggestions will be most welcome.

Meamwhile, new books are likely to appear over the next week.

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