Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 11, 2016


  • Max Allan Collins, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, & Jo Duffy, Batman:  Second Chances.  Graphic novel  collection of twelve Batman stories from 1986-7, eight of which were written by Collins, three by Starlin, and one (uncredited on the coer and spine) by Duffy; Aparo (a penciller on  just three of the stories) presumably got cover/spine credit because his name was better known, or maybe because someone at DC just liked him.  Anyway, I believe this collection includes the entirity of Collins' work on Batman comics, including the story that made him throw up his hands and toss in his cards.  Collins didn't know this book was inthe works until after the fact.  Ah, the life of a freelancer!
  • Anna Dewdney, llama llama red pajama.  Children's picture book.  It's no secret that I like llamas (and alpacas and vicunas).  Over the years, I have amassed a number of Dewdney's llama llama books, reading them aloud to grandchildren and anyone else who might be within range.  I'm sure the Kangaroo will like my reading this one to him.
  • "J. R. Roberts" (Robert J Randidi), The Gunsmith #327:  The Golden Princess.  Adult Western.  Clint Adams is sent to negotiate with Geronimo but first he must prove his worth the a new female Apache leader -- the Golden Princess.  It's amazing that Randisi wrote one of these entertaining novels a month along with all his other work.  Are we sure he's not a robot?

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