Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Big Shot Comics was a monthly anthology comic published by Columbia from May 1940 to August 1949 -- a total of 104 issues.  (The title was shortened to Big Shot in 1942.)  It featured a mix of original adventure, superhero, and humerous stories, along with popular newspaper reprints from the McNaught Syndicate.  The comic book was originally intended to be anchored by the science fiction adventures of Skyman; although this character remained in the book, he turned out not to be as popular as the humorous Sparky Watts.

Issue # 86 includes Boody Rogers' Sparky Watts (with Slap Happy and Hattie), J. P. McEvoy's Dixie Dugan, Lank Leonard's Mickey Finn and Uncle Phil, Renny McEvoy and Jim Pavian's Hollywood Johnny, Marty Marion's Brass Knuckles, Ogden Whitney's Skyman, Don Dean's Cranberry Boggs, and Frank Beck's Bo, while Mart Bailey's Tony Trent interrupts his honeymoon to catch a pair of murders and start him on another adventure.  Trent, as well as Skyman, Dixie Dugan, and Sparky Watts, had stories that were continued to the next issue.

All in all, issue #86 had 70 pages well worth your dime.


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  1. Jerry, I have seen a couple of vintage comic anthologies online but this particular one is new. Thanks for the link. I don't know what or where to start reading.