Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Since it's Halloween, here's a holiday treat.  In case you don't get the message, the cover of Tales of Horror has tne outline of a black bat flying by the comic book's title, and on the bat are the words Tales of Terror.  Horror, terror, potato, potahto!.

Anyway, Tales of Horror was a title from Toby Press and last thirteen (lucky number?) issues.  Each story is narratted by The Teller of Tales, a mysterious figure on a dark purple trilby hat and cloak.  Your scary (horrorfying?  horrorible? terrifying? terrible?  You decide.) lineup for issue #1:

     "The Ugliest Man in the World" would put Quasimodo to shame and people run away from kind-hearted Bill Becker in horror.  What to do?  Well Bill stops by a mysterious shop and buys a new face (for eighty-two cents, tax included).  Bill has been shackled with a callous, mean-spirited brother as handsome as Bill is ugly.  The brother ridicules Bill for wearing a handsome mask.  Bill hooks up with a beautiful lady, his brother gets jealous -- with predictable horror comic results.

     "Demons Below Us" tells the plight of Joe Morton, a hardened mining engineer.  The miners in shaft 19 have found a door on the mine's bottom shelf.  The doot leads to a strange underground world inhabited by Laila, a beautiful girl in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit and a diaphanous sarong who collects men's souls after draining all the fluid from their bodies.  Joe's fate is pretty well telegraphed here.

     "Willie" Brown's brother Steve wants to take over the rackets from gangster Marty King.  Willie is big, dumb, strong, and fiercely protective of his brother.  King lures Willie away from his brother so a henchman can kill Steve.  Then, of course, the biter gets bit.

     "Exile to Death!" is a short tale of two scientists 7900 in the future.  Concerned that one day the earth will die, they create a time machine that takes them millions of years into the future where, indeed, the earth is dying.  Can these two change the planet's fate?

     The final horror story tells us of a large busted woman who can Reduce her large bust appearance in seconds or no cost!  Wait.  That's an ad, not a horror story.  Never mind.

Artists in this issue include Myron Fass, Bill Molno, Pete Morisi, and Ed Smalle.


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