Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm still on a meager book-buying diet; just three oldie-but-goodie westerns this week.

  • "Luke Adams" (house name), Apache Law:  Showdown.  Mitch Frye is the half Apache sheriff of Paxton, Arizona in this short-lived western series.  (Only four, of which this is the fourth.)  An old friend comes to town, but he's now wanted for multiple murders.  Mitch finds himself allied with the wanted gunman when a ruthless gang comes to town.  I think I know who "Adams" is in this case, but I'll keep quiet until I'm sure.
  • "George G. Gilman" (Terry Harknett), Edge #33:  Red Fury. Edge was a bloody and sardonic western series which lasted for 61 books and has been an influence on Robert Randisi and other writers.  In this entry, Edge finds himself caught between a town of angry white men and angry Apaches.  Faced with destructive hate on both sides, can Edge become a peacemaker -- something that won't come easy for our violent hero?
  • "Jon Sharpe" (house name), The Trailsman #287:  California Camel Corps.  Sky Fargo is The Trailsman, hero of this long running western series.  Here he must guide a caravan of camels to California for the U. S. Army.  Along the way he encounters murder, double-dealing, a tribe of angry Navahos led by the famed Manuelito, ethnic hatred, rumors of Spanish treasure, and two beautiful women.  Even worse, Skye must learn to ride a camel.  The author behind the pseudonym probably lives in Alvin, Texas.


  1. Camel Corp - is there lots of spitting? Can't have a book with camels without lots of spitting. I think that one is by someone I know.

    1. Not only spitting, Richard, but also a fair amount of camel flatulence.

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