Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, October 1, 2015


At noon yesterday we were supposed to be officially homeless as that was when we were supposed to pass papers on our old house in Southern Maryland.  Ha!  Fat chance!

The title company has had the paperwork done for the past two weeks, and we have just been waiting for HUD approval for the buyer's loan.  But HUD is part of the government and September 30 was the close of their fiscal year,  so of course they did not have everything ready in time.  September 30 was also the day ous contract with the buyer ended.

No big deal.  We were sent an extension to the contract to sign electronically, extending the contract for another seven days.

Then Anal Gail, our Maryland real estate agent called.  HUD decided they needed a signed receipt for the new septic system we had had installed.  Our copy is probably in a box somewhere, but the septic company came through and sent a copy of their receipt.  No big deal.  Problem solved.  Papers are now due to be passed tomorrow at noon.

Then this morning HUD found another document we needed to sign.  This one we had to print and send a scanned e-mail back.  The printer, which worked pretty good this morning, decided not to work when we needed it.  So it was off to the library to use their printer.  We got to the library about 12:45.  Turns out the libraries in this county close at 1:00 on Thursdays and their computers had been shut off.  Oh well, our trusty friends at Office Depot were not closed.  It took a few minutes to convince Outlook/Hotmail that we were who we said we were and have the document printed so we could sign it, scan it, and sent it back.  So we were golden.

Then we came back to Christina's and found another e-mail from the title company.  HUD (bless 'em) found two more documents we have to print and sign and return.  No probs, right?  Because Office Depot is our friend.  But...the first document mispelled my name where I am supposed to sign and HUD is very tricky about that.  And the second document contained three pages and we are to sign page 1 (tacitly acknowledging that we have also received pages two and three -- makes no sense to me but because it is HUD it makes sense to me).  Did I mention that there is no place on page one (nor pagers two or three) for us to sign?  Nada.  Zip.  The big goose egg.  So we have to get that cleared up and it's now 5:37 pm in Maryland and there's no one around to answer our questions.

So we hope to get everything resolved so we can pass papers tomorrow.  In the meantime, we are not homeless, dammit.

On the real estate front here, Real Estate Amy tells us that the sellers are considering the bid we presented on Monday and we should hear from them tomorrow -- maybe.  We are expecting some dickering back and forth and we're hoping things will work out, but there are no guarantees.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna's grandmother used to say, "It's always somethin'."  Life goes on and we go on with it.  It's the first of October today and Halloween is just around the corner, so as far as I'm concerned, everything is fine.

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