Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Dave Mallett is a songer/songwriter perhaps best known for the "Garden Song."  His music is lyrical and poignant.  His voice flows like honey.

Sung by school kids everywhere, the "Garden Song" (also known as "Inch by Inch")  has become an American standard.  Pete Seeger, in introducing the song, once mistakenly said it was written by "an old New England farmer."  Mallet hailed from Maine, but he was anything but old:

"This Town":

A song about a personal disaster, "Fire":

"This Town":

"My Old Man":

Emmy Lou Harris once called this the perfect love song.  'Red, Red Rose":

Haunting.  "Arthur":

One of my favorites.  "The Candle and the Cape":

A simple love song.  "Moon Upon the Left":

A cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "Second Cup of Coffee":


A bit of nostalgia.  "I Knew This Place":

"The Haying Song":

Here's a song that Mallett wrote in honor of his friend, the late folk singer Jed Strunk.  "Change of the Seasons":

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