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Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 26, 2015

DANIEL BOONE #6 (1957)

Here's a British take on an American legend.  Published by L. Miller & Son Ltd, London, the publication notice informs us that all names and characters are fictitious, which is just as well, because their Daniel Boone travelled much further west than the historical Boone did.  Although there's a full-colorcolour cover, the interior is printed in black and white.

Boone appears in two adventures.  The first, "Daniel Boone and the Smoke Signals," has Boone and his young friend Sam land in the middle of a tribal war being instigated by an outcast Indian; the second, a two-part story titled "Daniel Boone and the Leaderless Tribes," has Boone rescuing two young prospectors searching for gold in Comanche country where two leaderless comanche tribes are warring with each other.  Not only does Boone rescue the prospectors, he rigs up an explosion which blows him clear across a ravine (!), and manages to unite the two tribes.  Whatta guy!

Boone's counterpart, the unsophisticated and unintelligent Dan'l Goone, appears in two one-page humor story, each reviving an old chestnut.

The remaining story in the book, "Rock Riley and the Imposter,"  Outlaw Rock Riley rides into the town of Broken Tooth to visit his old friend Sheriff Warner.  Warner's new clerk Spot Spenser has just captured notrious killer Bunk Barrow and has been given the reward money.  Of course this is a scam:  Spenser and Barrow are partners and will split the reward money.  Spenser lures the sheriff out of town and, after incapacitating Riley, frees Barrow and the two escape with the cash.  What they do not count on is Riley's determination to capture the neer-do-wells.  All I can say is that Rock Riley must be the strangest outlaw in western comics.

This British version of Daniel Boone ran for 35 issues from 1957 to 1959.  Some of the issues had variant titles Exploits of Daniel Boone, Daniel Boone Special Western, and Daniel Boone Adventure Strips.  Some issues also featured US reprints from Charlton Comics.  The publication notice in Daniel Boone #6 states that all stories and pictures are the copyright of the publishers, which indicates that this issue may not have had any reprints but, remember, the notice also says that all names and characters are fictitious.  Caveat emptor.


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