Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, September 28, 2015


Another quiet week, with only a couple of lesser works purchased.
  • Gene Deweese, Something Answered.  Horror novel from 1983.  A writer's bestselling horror novel is being made into a film.  He returns to his hometown to throw a big party to celebrate, making sure that he invites all the people who shunned him and hurt him when he was younger.  His pleas and prays for revenge on those who have wronged him, and something answers.  DeWeese (1934-2012) was a writer who specialized in science fiction, media tie-in novels, and (often writing as "Jean DeWeese") gothics. Yes, the cover on this one has a dark house with one lighted window; young lady in a flowing gown and/or negligee fleeing the house, though.  Note at the cover and title page give the author's name as "Deweese," while the copyright notice correctly gives it as "DeWeese."
  • "Wallace Moore" (Gerard F. Conway), Balzan of the Cat People #2:  The Caves of Madness.  Science fantasy novel from 1975.  There were only three novels in this unsuccesful series about "the Tarzan of outer space!"--  all written by Conway  This was one of a zillion series created and packaged by Lyle Kenyon Engel, whose most famous packaging was the best-selling Bicentennial series by John Jakes.  This series was nowhere -- and I mean nowhere -- as successful.  One internet reviewer evidently called it "cretinous swill meant for slackjawed teenagers."  [Ouch!]  Conway is a well known comic book writer (he created Marvel's The Punisher and wrote Gwen Stacey's death for Spiderman) and script writer and producer (Father Dowling Mysteries, Law and Order, Law and Order:  Criminal Intent, Matlock, Perry Mason, etc.)  The Balzan novels were obviously early works that should best be forgotten.  Sadly for Conway (and for myself), I did  not forget.

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