Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Journey once again to a West that never was with Guy Madison as Wild Bill and Andy Devine as his sidekick Jingles.  Wild Bill Hickok ran on the Mutual Broadcasting Network from April 1951 through December 1954 for a total of 271 episodes.  When the show made the transition to television in 1955 it kept not only its cast but also its sponsor, Kellogg's cereals.  On television. Wild Bill Hickcok ran from 1955 through 1958 on CBS and (simultaneously!) from 1957 through 1958 on ABC.

I loved the television show as a kid but had never heard the radio show until now.

It wasn't until I was much past childhood when I learned that "Wild Bill" was originally (and derisively) called "Duck Bill" because of a cleft palate (that his mustache would later hide) and that he was basically a psychotic killer.  Thus are childhood illusions shattered.

Naytheless, I can still transport myself to that innocent, wide-eyed tot who devoured the shoot-'em-ups.


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