Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 4, 2015


The Horrible Hamburger in this story is the name of a restaurant and not the sandwich my granddaughter made for me tonight.  (It was yummy, Ceili!)

Leslie Charteris' character has had many incarnations:  in novels and stories, in film, on the radio,  in the self-named mystery magazine, on television, and in comic books.  Simon Templar -- to say nothing about the little stick figure with the halo -- was at one time one of the most recognize in popular culture, right up there with Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Superman, and Mickey Mouse.

One of the radio shows (from 1947-1951) featured Vincent Price in the title role.  The show was featured first on CBS Radio, the the Mutual Network, and finally on NBC Radio.  Price was a good fit for the character, far better than Tom Conway (one-time movie Falcon and the brother of George Sanders, a movie Saint), IMHO.

From September 10, 1950, here's the Robin Hood of Modern Crime.


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