Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Taanda, the beautiful red-headed daughter of missionary parents, was raised by the Tauruti chief Upatani after her parents died.  Vowing to save her beloved jungle from those who would despoil it, Taanda became loved and feared as the White Princess of the Jungle.  With her native ward Koru, Taanda is prepared to face any threat -- no matter how large or deadly.

White Princess of the Jungle, a quarterly from Avon Publications lasted only five issues, from July 1951 to November 1952, under the editorial direction of Sol Cohen.

In this issue, Taanda is really up against it.  First, from "The Head Hunters of Bullah!"; then, from "The Death Hunt!"; and finally, Taanda must avoid "The Fangs of the Swamp Beast."  Will our flame-haired heroine survive these challenges?  Well, yeah.

Also in this issue, white hunter Jack Barnham searched for a jungle treasure protected by a "Deadly Guardian!"

Enjoy.  (But watch out for poison darts -- they're like the Spanish Inquisition; you never know when they will appear!)

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