Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 16, 2015


  • L. M. Boston, Treasure of Green Knowe.  YA fantasy, the second in the Green Knowe series.  Also published as The Chimneys of Green Knowe.
  • C. J. Box, Three Weeks to Say Goodbye.  Thriller.
  • "Sarah Caudwell" (Sarah Cockburn), The Shortest Way to Hades.  A Hilary Tamar mystery.  (Of course, the biggest mystery in these books was whether Hilary Tamar was male or female.)
  • Peter David, Sir Apropos of Nothing.  Humorous fantasy.  Also, Star Trek:  New Frontier:  The Quiet Place.  Television franchise tie-in.
  • "Peter Dawson" (Jonathan Hurff Glidden), Man on the Buckskin.  Western.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, Tactics of Mistake.  Sf novel in the Dorsai series.
  • "Tabor Evans" (house name), the Longarm series:  #58 Longarm in No Man's Land, #62 Longarm in Virginia City, #63 Longarm and the James County War#66 Longarm and the Hangman's Noose, #68 Longarm and the Desert Duchess, #69 Longarm on the Painted Desert, and #71 Longarm on the Arkansas Divide.  Adult westerns.  The Lonaerm series was begun in 1978, with the first book being written by Lou Cameron.  These seven books were published in 1983 and 1984.  I have no idea of who is behind house name on any of these seven books.
  • Katherine Farrar, The Missing Link.  An Inspector Ringwood mystery.
  • James W. Hall, Body Language.  Mystery.
  • Daniel Hearn, Bad August.  PI novel, the first featuring Joe Noonan.
  • Sarah J. Hoyt, Darkship Renegades, SF novel, a follow-up to the Prometheus winning Darkship Thieves.  Also, Ill Met by Moonlight, a Shakespearian fantasy.
  • E. Howard Hunt, House Dick. A mystery by the Watergate guy.  First published as by "Gordon Davis."  Also published as Washington Payoff.  Although Hunt wrote 43 mystery and spy-guy novels, he never belonged to MWA.
  • "Michael Innes" (J. I. M. Stewart), The Man from the Sea.  Mystery.  Also published as Death by Moonlight.
  • "Chip Kidd" (Charles Kidd), The Cheese Monkeys:  A Novel in Two Semesters.  A novel of college days in the 50s.
  • Mercedes Lackey, The Serpent's Shadow.  Fantasy.
  • Paul J. McAuley, Red Dust.  SF.
  • Jack McDevitt, The Devil's Eye.  SF novel in the Alex Benedict series about an interstellar antiques dealer.
  • Maureen McKernan, The Amazing Crime and Trial of Leopold and Loeb.  True crime.
  • Andy McNab, Remote Control.  Thriller.
  • Mark McShane, The Singular Case of the Multiple Dead.  Mystery novel.
  • Michael Reaves, Hell on Earth. Dark fantasy.
  • Laura Resnick, Disappearing Nightly.  Urban fantasy.  The first in the Manhattan Magic series.
  • Kat Richardson, Greywalker. Fantasy, the first in the Greywalker series.
  • Sandra Ruttan, What Burns Within.  The first Craig Nolan/Ashlyn Hart/Tain mystery.
  • C. J. Ryan, Dextra.  SF.  A Gloria VanDeen novel.
  • Robert J. Sawyer, Flashforward.  SF novel.  The population of Earth blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds.  This is a television tie-in edition.  Too bad they cancelled the show.
  • Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Smith, & Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Star Trek:  Voyager:  Echoes.  Television franchise tie-in novel.
  • Sarah Strohmeyer, Bubbles in Trouble.  The second Bubbles Yablonsky mystery.
  • Charles Stross, The Atrocity Archives.  A Bob Howard Lovecraftian spy mash-up.
  • Harry Turtledove, Departures,  Alternat history collection with twenty stories.
  • John Twelve Hawks, The Dark River.  SF, second in the Fourth Realm trilogy.
  • Laurence Yep, The Star Fisher.  YA novel.


  1. I like that Dickson, but then I like the whole Dorsai series, politics and non-PC-ness be damned.