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Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Deciding to cash in on its popular comic book Captain Marvel, Fawcett Comics came up with a spin-off character distinct from the original character.  Enter Freddy Freeman, crippled teenaged newsboy.  Differing from Captain Marvel, Freddy remains a teenager when he transforms to superhero mode.  Not only that, instead of saying "SHAZAAM" to transform, Freddy must say "CAPTAIN MARVEL."  (This last a subtle reminder to kiddies that Captain Marvel has his own comic book for them to spend additional money on each month.)

Junior first appeared in Whiz Comics #25 (December 1941) in Part One of a three-issue crossover with Master Comics.   There, he crosses swords with Hitler's superherovillain Captain Nazi -- the first of many wartime encounters.

(Elvis Presley was a big Captain Marvel, Jr. fan.  He styled his hair as well as some of his costumes on the young superhero.  Unlike Elvis, Junior did not gain weight or abuse substances or die young.  I believe he's currently a blond he's somewhere in the DC universe.)

Captain Marvel, Jr. is approaching his 75th birthday, lasting (I'm sure) far longer than creators Ed Herron and Mac Raboy ever thought.

In this issue he meets Professor Werewolf, travels west to meet the Outlaw of Crooked Creek, faces crime's trumpeter, and delves into the mystery of the hammer that shook the world.


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  1. Jerry, I haven't read a Captain Marvel comic-book in decades. He immortalised "Shazaam!" I always felt he was overshadowed by Superman.