Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 10, 2014


From December 1939 comes the first issue of Silver Streak Comics, featuring work by Jack Cole and Bill Everett, among others.

In this issue you will meet...

...The Claw! who needs a woman to aid in his world conquest!

...Mister Midnight! the crime fighter who can stop time!

...Red Reeves, Boy Magician! -- a young (and rather stupid, IMHO) lad with a genie!

...Captain Fearless! the brave adventurer who faces off against the evil Ting Ling (and whose story will be continued in the next issue)!

...The "Duke," Ace Inspector (police inspector, that is)! a cop full of derring-do!

...The Wasp! Crime's greatest enemy! whose alter ego is Burton Slade, mild-mannered reporter!

,,,Barry Lane, the Adventure-Hunter! heads out West to mete out "Mesa Justice."

...Spiritman! who detects crime with his futuroscope and who travels distances instantly to arrive invisible with the aid of powerful mistodine rays!

With all those exclamation points, you know it's going to be a thrilling issue!



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